Ripoff Reports Removed Fast

If you or your company have been unfairly damaged due to negative, false Ripoff Reports, there is hope. We have been dealing with and removing reports from, specifically, for many years. Our team is comprised of the brightest minds in the ripoff report removal industry.

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Global Service

We are often asked if, being based in the United States, we accept clients that are not based here. The answer is simple. Yes.

Regardless of your location or that of your business, or even the severity of your issue, we have solutions that will allow you to highlight your true image.

If you have discovered a post on Ripoff Report, and would like to discuss the possibility of having it removed, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


The Removal Process

Due to the fact that Ripoff Report, and all other similar sites, are currently protected under federal law, there is no method for complete removal of a report from the site itself, and any firm claiming they can do so should be approached with extreme caution. Alternatively, we strip all relevance from the ripoff report by removing any references of it from the top of search engine results, including but not limited to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With the links to the report buried deep within search results, the probability of anyone discovering or viewing the report is reduced by almost 98%.


Ripoff Report Info

In a time in which the internet has become a refuge for those who wish to post anonymous, and often false or misleading reports, the worst offender is As of the year 2013, Ripoff Report will celebrate their 10th year of operation. While tens of thousands of companies and individuals are damaged by the countless negative reports contained within the site, the owner has realized a very hefty profit and will continue to do so.


Time Sensitivity

The time in which it takes to remove a ripoff report varies from case to case. Some of the factors include: the age and maturity of the report, the search term (your name or company name), and whether any comments or other additional user generated content has been added. That being said, although it is possible to remove a ripoff report from search results that has been there for years; a report from last week will be much less difficult to contain.